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Recently I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Wendy and Alex at the stunning setting of Aikwood Tower. Perched on top of the rolling hills just outside of Selkirk in the Scottish Borders, Aikwood Tower is a dramatic and unique venue. A five hundred year old traditional tower, it oozes character and individuality and was therefore well suited to the lovely couple! I spent a fair amount of time acquainting myself with the many twists and turns of the inside of the tower. There were so many nooks and crannies, with special delights at every turn. I loved it! 

The wedding itself was wonderful! Full of warmth and love, it was just as a wedding should be. From the loyal family dog acting as ring bearer to the fantastic Greek spread at the reception, the day was filled with all the little unique touches that make weddings such fabulously individual events. Enjoy this small selection of photographs to see what I mean!

Aikwood Tower in the misty morning, looking suitably dreamy...

It might have been somewhat dreich early in the day, but what is a Scottish wedding without a little drizzle?

The all-important shoes! And what a beautiful window to pose them in front of. Just gorgeous!

How fantastic are these wedding rings? They were split in the middle in the same shape as the local coastline where the couple live. Very romantic and the first of their kind I have seen! I also loved the brides choice of flowers. The orchids added a stunning splash of colour not just to the bouquets but throughout the venue. In a wedding world full of blush peonies, it's refreshing to see something different.

It was very hard not to make Bertie the ring bearer the main focus of my camera! He had free range access to the whole tower throughout the day and was so very well behaved. 

Alex and Wendy had arranged for a photo-booth in one of the many rooms of the tower to keep the kids entertained. It was a resounding success! 

As the day went on guests started to arrive and soon the tower was full of chatter. 

Upstairs in the bridal suite, the bridesmaids were the first to get ready and were each given a special necklace from their mum to wear for the big day. I was so glad to have caught these moments on camera!

Dressed and ready, I whisked these two away for a quick photo opportunity in the beautiful garden outside. 

One of my favourite photos from the day. The girls look like woodland fairies running through the gardens.

The beautiful bride having the finishing touches applied...

In order to hide from the guests we snuck through the kitchens on our way to the aisle. I love the expressions in this photo, so much happiness!

The ceremony was very beautiful, as they always are. Here the rings are blessed with good wishes for the bride and groom.

Once blessed, the vows were made. They were full of individuality and it was hard to concentrate on taking pictures when what I really wanted to do was just listen and watch!

How is this for a unique take on the traditional guestbook? The bride and groom had their guests sign this beautiful old car!

The bride, newly married and full of smiles.

A brand new husband and wife.

The reception dinner was really something else. Andreas of Andreas' Tavern (based in North Berwick)  was the host and oh, what a fabulously fun meal it was. The most delicious Greek food coupled with dancing, plate smashing and wonderful flamboyance made it a night to remember for a long, long time.

The location of the reception was also really special. Based in the converted cart shed of Aikwood Tower, lights and flowers hung from the beamed ceiling creating a romantic space with an ethereal glow.

The cake! Unfortunately I did not get to taste it this time (though I was treated to a phenomenal baklava by Andreas, haha). 

The very talented Monster Ceilidh Band were on hand after dinner to bring on the dancing. 

I must say that I was very impressed with the first dance, it was full of vigour and fun. Wendy and Alex go well together!  

As I got ready to leave I caught this lovely moment between the happy couple. I think they had the time of their lives and I was so honoured to have been there to document it all!

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